CONTEST 2003 FanArt

Here you will find the fanart entered for the Contest SarahDBZ and I held in 2003. The motto of the the contest was Blue Freedom, Pink Trust. Below are the four drawings that were entered in the contest. Everyone who entered, Thank you very much! The drawings are very nice! Click on the thumbnails to view the complete picture at 100%

little princess




Submitted by: PV
This is a picture of Vegeta from the show Dragonball Z, wiping away PV chan's tears. 



Submitted by: Robert
Here's a nice drawing of Kagome from the show Inuyasha



Submitted by: Erika
This is a picture of Rinoa from the game Final Fantasy VII. The Japanese characters say ´wait for me, I'll be waiting, I love u´.



Submitted by: Mat
Here's a picture of the gundam Deathscyte from the show Gundam Wing


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Disclaimer: these people who entered do not own any of the anime series, neither does the webmistress of this site