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I added several one-shots, 3 to be precise, to my Gundam Wing Fanfiction page. One is about the gw boys before they were pilots, talking with one of the people who helped raise them. They're asking if they did good. Another one I added is about Duo, wondering what his name would be when he marries Heero. The third one is an Epic Poem, written somewhere around 10 PM while babysitting and it kind of shows the way I look at the pilots when I'm watchng Gundam Wing. I tried to translate what I saw within their hearts and actions. 

The 'about me' part will not come soon I think. I'm not that good with writing non fiction, I tend to mess things up then so I'm having a hard time with it. What will come? Another one-shot about young Milliardo and his thoughts on getting a baby sister. This one only needs to be bÍta-ed. I'm also ever working on Humans Hate Green. I'm both checking my bÍta's comments and writing the next chapter... The latter can take aalong, though. As it is now, three chapters, it could be read as one story with an end so have fun reading anyway. Talk to you later!

little princess



So, another update from me. I finished the yahoo, section, added the fist story there as well. Sometimes it's just too late. Go ahead and check it out! Also, I added a drabblw/ficlet/however-you-want-to-call-it to the fanfiction page. It's called 'we did it' and is 400 words long. Another thing I did was replace the prologue of the fiction 'humans hate green' as I have found some betas for the story. The chapters might be replaced pretty regularly in the upcoming weeks, but don't worry if you've read it allreay, the plot isn't going to change or anything and there's no reason to read it all over again just to understand it.

I'm still working on the 'about me' part, but I doubt anyone is that interested in it so it's not on top of my list. The friends section will be online soon as well, I hope. It might not immediately have so many links, but more are sure to come. If you want to be listed there, I'd say become my friend ^^.  Just add me to msn or something if you want to talk to me. Mailing is always possible as well and since a week or so I also have AIM, but I'm still clumsy with it. Anyway, mail me if there's anything you'd like to know, say, tell, comment, ask, anything.

little princess



Finally, my frontpage is uploaded! The site is not finished yet, but I am working on it still! As long as you stick to all that is underlined, you will be fine. The Yahoo Group page is still in progress but will soon be working fine I hope...

Anyway, I could go explaining now what can be found where and how and why, but I think it would be much more fun for you to find it out for yourself, don't you think? Besides, it's not such a harl layout to work with. Any questions can be e-mailed, submission of fanworks is greatly appreciated. Just e-mail me if you like.

Uhm... I don't think I have mych else to say, but then again, listening to my rambling can not be what you are here for (if it is, for some reason or another, you'll have to wait until the about me page is finished...). For now, have fun!

little princess