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Most of these quotes I copied from the subs or dubs from the series. Some of them I have found while surfing the net. If any of these quotes are incorrect or if you have information for me to make this page more complete, please feel free to inform me. However, if you say my quote is incorrect, please add the correct quote in your message plus whether you have it from the subbed or the dubbed version, as this can differ. If you have a quote for me to add, please feel free to give me this information as well, however, keep in mind that I do not just randomly quote everything.

little princess


DragonBall Z Quotes
  • "Living is good but living in fear is not my way of living." ~Android 16
  • "Well Trunks at least I know you'll grow up to be a handsome young man, and think, all this time I was worried you'd look just like your dad!" ~Bulma
  • "Now, if I were an evil android, where would I hang out?" ~Goku
  • "It's all or nothing, there is no in-between!" ~Gohan
  • "There are three things I cannot tolerate: cowardice, bad haircuts and military insurrection, and it is very unfortunate that our friend Vegeta possesses all three of these." ~Freeza

  • "All one needs is some love, and a little bit of water. And it will be healed." ~Mr Popo
  • "Its just not my style to wait for death without putting up a decent fight." ~Tien
  • "I'll squash you like a pancake, Kakarotto, and I like my pancakes flat!" ~Vegeta
  • "Nappa, remind me into getting you de-wormed again." ~Vegeta

  • "It amazes me that every time you open your mouth, you prove yourself more of an idiot." ~Vegeta

  • "I think you have an oil leak." ~Vegeta

  • "I'm a warrior! Not some variety of flower!" ~Vegeta

  • "Being a good friend is like being a good photographer. You have to search for the right moment". ~Vegeta

DragonBall GT Quotes

ep 2:
"Listen carefuly, I kidnapped Gokou and if you want to save him, you'd better get 500 million zennies ready."
Vegeta: "What? ...Gokou?" (A/N: YES HE SAYS GOKOU!!!!)
Kidnapper: "It's chump change for people like yourselves, isn't it?! And don't report this to the police. If you tell the police, Gokou is a dead kid! 
Vegeta: "Do what you want. See ya!"

ep 2:
(Trunks and Goten don't want to go into outer space with Goku)
Goten: "Why do we..."
Trunks: "... gotta go?"
Goten: "My brother Gohan is supposed to go..."
Vegeta: "It was my idea. The both of you have been neglecting your training lately. You might actually learn something if you go with kakarotto."
Goten: "But I have a date tonight."
Vegeta: "Break it!"
Trunks: "What about my work at Capsule Corporation?"
Vegeta: "Bulma is fully capable to cover for you."
Goten: "V...V...Vegeta-san, I don't think my mom wants her favorite son to go into space."
Vegeta: "Actually... she agreed with me."
Goten: "No way..."

ep 26:
(Vegeta and Bra went shopping)
Bra: "Papa, this is the first time that you have come shopping with me."
Vegeta: "I don't remember taking you along, you're the one who folowed me."
Bra: "Then what did papa get?"
Vegeta: "It's non of your business."
Bra: "Well, whats this shaving cream?"
Vegeta: *BLUSHES!* "Hn."
2 boys in a car drive up next to them)
Guy 1: "Woo woo! Hey babe!" *Bra turns to watch*
Bra: "Who? Me?"
Guy 2: "Why don't you ditch that guy and come with us?" *Vegeta turns car so it hits guys car. guys drive next to Vegeta now* 
Guy 2: "Hey! What the heck are you doing?" *Vegeta rips their steering wheel off car with guys plunges into the water* 
Bra: *waves and smiles* "Gomen! I forgot to tell you my dad is real strong! And he's kind of in a bad mood because he had to go shopping with me."
Vegeta: "Stupid"

Ep 59:
Vegeta: Kakarotto, you know what?
Goku: What??
Vegeta: We have no chance like this. You understand?
Goku: I understand. . .  We’ll fight to the death.
Vegeta: Let’s do fusion, kakarotto.
Goku: Huh??
Vegeta: I said we fuse. Hurry, get ready!
Narator: Wha-Wha-WHAT???

ep 61:
(ssj4 vegeta and goku fighting evil dragon, goku swallows 4 star dragonball)
Dragon: You really think if you steal one single dragonball from me you can beat me?
Vegeta: Don’t get smart. Kakarotto never would consider deeply for anything he does (charges)
Goku: Although I wouldn’t like to agree with you. . . That’s true. . .

“Why are you staring at my face Vegeta? You find me attractive, huh?” ~ Child Goku to Vegeta (62)


Escaflowne Quotes
  • “My duty as a knight is to answer steel with steel. I don’t draw to play games.” ~Allen Schezar (3) 

  • “There’s nothing brave about rashly choosing to die!” ~Allen Schezar (4)

  •  “A samurai gives his life so that others can live.” ~Allen Schezar (4)

  •  “Mastering the sword means mastering yourself.” ~Allen Schezar (15)

  •  "My intellect is SECOND to non!" ~Dryden (14) 

  • “Just a drop of water causes ripples in a pond, where there is anger and fear, there is conflict.” ~Folken (22)

  •  “If you don’t trust people, then they don’t trust you.” ~Hitomi (23)

  •  “Swordsmanship isn’t about strength. Or technique. What’s important comes from within. It’s yourself that you must hone!” ~Master Balgus (15)

  •  “I won’t run. I’ll never turn my back on an enemy and run away.” ~Van Flanel (4)

  •  “If you don’t fight, you’re just waiting to be killed.” ~Van Flanel (23)

Final Fantasy IX Quotes
  • "To be forgotten is worse than death." ~Freija

  • "I do what I want! You have problem?!" ~Quina

  • "The only dependable thing about the future is uncertainty." ~Salamander (a.k.a Amarant)

  • "I think their minds are just out to lunch for a little while..." ~Vivi

  • "You don't need a reason to help people." ~Zidane

  • "I shall hereby do my best to kidnap you!" ~Zidane

  • "I can't sit around knowing that a girl is in trouble. Goes against my nature." ~Zidane

Zidane: "Gee...all s/he [Quina] ever thinks about is food!"
Garnet: "Well, all you ever think about is girls..."

Final Fantasy X Quotes
  • "Every story must have an ending." ~Auron

  • "Dwelling in the past is futile." ~Auron

  • "Only those who try will become." ~Kimahri

  • "You truly are clueless. Are you sure it's just your memory that's the problem?" ~Lulu

  • "That really hurt, you know. You big meanie." ~Rikku

  • "Well helly doo sad wee to you, too." ~Tidus

  • "Yeah, that's right! You can always count on Auron to complicate things!" ~Tidus

  • "Disappear on us, will ya? Rotten son of a shoopuf!" ~Wakka

Cid: "Fiends! There's nothin' to do but--"
Rikku: "But destroy the ship and all go down together!"
Cid: "uhh..."

Fushigi Yuugi Quotes
  • "I'm Chichiri. I'm not a fox" ~Chichiri(9)
  • *Knock Knock* "Who's there? It's Koji. Aahh, Koji my good friend, come in. Thank you, I will." ~Koji(17?)
  • "When bad things happen, don't give up because the day will come when you look back and laugh at them." ~Nuriko
  • "Thanks are nice, but money's better." ~Tamahome


Gundam Wing Quotes
  • "Death is merely an end result given to you at your birth." ~Dorothy

  • "If you're laughing at me, that's cruel, but if you're being sarcastic, that's even worse!!!" ~Duo

  • "I'll become the God Of Death once again. But right now, I need some sleep." ~Duo

  • "This is such a lame way to die. This is so not cool." ~Duo

  • "Stop making me repeat myself. It's bad for my health!" ~Duo

  • 'Behold the holy hand grenade of antioch, First shalt thou take out the Holy Pin. Then, shalt thou count to three, no more, no less. Three shall be the number thou shalt count, and the number of the counting shalt be three. Four shalt thou not count, nor either count thou two, excepting that thou then proceed to three. Five is right out. Once the number three, being the third number, be reached, then lobbest thou thy Holy Hand Grenade of Antioch towards thou foe, who being naughty in my sight, shall snuff it.' ~Duo

  • “If you screw up, you’ll be blown to smithereens! Your missions have no room for failure, just like mine. Who are you anyway?” ~Duo (4)

  • "Those of you who want to die hurry up and die! You're wasting air." ~Dr G

  • "The ones after your life and the targets you aim to defeat are always the enemy." ~Heero

  • "The only way to live a good life is to act on your emotions." ~Heero

  • "When everything has gone crazy, I'll believe in myself and keep fighting." ~Heero

  • "The tragedy called history will just be repeated." ~Heero

  • "Dying hurts like hell." ~Heero

  • "People who commit war are stupid, but the blood they spill is not meaningless." ~Dr. J

  • "History is like an endless waltz, the three beats of war, peace and revolution continue on forever." ~Marimea

  • "If we don't fight, we are no longer human beings." ~Marimea

  • "The necessity for bloodshed to achieve peace is a tyrant's reasoning." ~Relena

  • "Humans need a higher system than god. ~Treize

  • "Battle with no respect is but a massacre. That is why all the wars in the past have been tragic." ~Treize

  • "I wouldn't mind if you want to kill me, but I might struggle a bit." ~Trowa

  • "It's sad. A woman who can't cry." ~Trowa

  • "Two's always better than one!" ~Quatre

  • "A battle is beautiful because it is fought." ~Une

  • "Fighting a weak enemy leaves me feeling so empty afterwards." ~Wufei

  • "Destroy the enemy and there won't be a problem." ~Wufei

  • "I don't fight bleeding hearts or women." ~Wufei

  • "The strong create the weak!" ~Zechs


Rurouni Kenshin/ Samurai X Quotes
  • A manslayer is only that until he dies." ~Jigei (kurogasa)(7)

  • "A sword is a weapon. Swordmanship is learning how to kill. That is the truth". ~Kenshin(1)

  • "If you want to crawl upon the ground, attack." ~Kenshin (3)

  • "It doesn't matter. Use whatever technique you like. However, once I've said I'll kill you, your death is assured." ~Kenshin(7)

  • "Just because you die. . . Doesn't mean that the people you killed will come back to life. . . Instead, using this sword to save just one more soul is repentance in the true sense" ~Kenshin(11)

  • "I live in order to atone for all the innocent lives I took." ~Kenshin(21)

  • "What is truly good about a person can’t be expressed in words, that it can not. What matters is the feeling of trust one gets after spending time with him." ~Kenshin(23)

  • "During a fight, unskilled fighters always get overconfident or frustrated." ~Kenshin(37)

  • “No matter what you’ve endured, do not waste your life.” ~Kenshin(86)

  • "How could anyone be happy forgetting the one they love?" ~Makimachi Misao(33)

  • "The only place a murderer can be in peace is death." ~Okina(46)

  • "Let's just say...what's mine is mine, and what's also mine." ~Saitoh

  • “A real fight shouldn’t be seen by women or children” ~Sanousuke (4)

  • "A sword is a weapon, swordsmanship is learning how to murder. No matter what ideal you proclaim, those are the facts and that is the truth." ~Seijuro Hiko(41)

  • "No matter how much you hurt inside, the dead can never return." ~Seijuro Hiko(43)

  • “No grief or damnation can ever bring back the dead.” ~Seijuro Hiko(OAV1)

  • “No point in introducing myself to the dead.” ~Seijuro Hiko(OAV1)

Samurai Deeper Kyo Quotes
  • “Strong guys want to fight other strong guys. That’s natural.” ~Benitora (3)

  • “There are three reasons why you can’t beat me. One: Your attacks are too light. Two: There is nothing I can’t cut. Three: I’m more handsome than you.” ~Demon eyes Kyo (3)

  • “Dying isn’t… isn’t very hard. Bur continuing to live is much more difficult.” ~Kyoshiro Mibu

  • “Only persistence can make a man live and make his believes real. Even if the believes are different among brothers.” ~Yukimura’s brother

  • “How could I betray, when I never said I would obey?” ~? (10)

  • “The greatest fighting style is your own style. If you don’t believe in your strength, you’ll never have true strength.” ~Benitora’s Master (11)

Wolf's Rain Quotes
  • "Because I’m not alone, I’m fine." ~Cheza(21)
  • “I just realized. It’s not simply that we have a desire for paradise... Paradise is calling us...” ~Darcia(26)
  • “‘Like me?’ What does that mean, like me? I don’t even know who the real me is.” ~Hige(26)

  • “What’s the meaning to life when you’ve thrown away your pride?!” ~Kiba(1)
  • "Dying. . . getting killed. . . isn't unnatural. . . It's better than living without a goal. . ." ~Kiba(3)
  • "Paradise, they say. . . It definitely doesn't exist anywhere. All the way to the end of the world. . . There's nothing there. No matter where you walked. . . All you'd be doing is traveling down the same road. But even though that's true. . . Why does this impuls compel me?" ~Kiba(18)
  • "I'm not afraid of anything. There's nothing I am afraid of." ~Kiba(19)
  • "I fight to protect the being that needs me. That’s all." ~Kiba(21)
  • "You know, fairytales aren’t completely lies." ~Quent Yaiden(1)
  • "Why do we have to fight, rob and argue? Why... can't we all live together? If wolves... humans birds and flowers, all together as equals... If they all went to paradise, non of this would happen, right?" ~Toboe(19)
  • "Those who do not want to fight should just stay asleep" ~Tsume(1)

Tsume: "What happened in there?"
Kiba: "Nothing. I simply met a nice woman."
Hige: "Eh? A woman? You?" (20)

Stray Quotes
  • "A friend would never help my dream. A friend is someone who has his own dream and strives to make it come true. And if someone tries to destroy his dream he will try to destroy that person." ... "For me a friend is someone who is on my level" ~Griffith (Berserk) (10?)
  • “‘If a man can’t stand up, then leave him.’ That’s the law of the battle field” Rickert (Berserk) (23)
  • “‘I don’t want to do battle just to die.’ That’s what Gatsu would say.” ~Judeau (Berserk) (25)
  • “To abandon one’s duty is not courageous. Below the courageous, there’s nothing.” ~First Hokage (Naruto) (12)

  • “If we can’t protect ourselves by not fighting, we have no choice but to fight.” ~? (Gundam Seed)

  • “Don't die until the good times come” ~? Gundam Seed (12)

  • “One without will can not win anything.” ~? (Gundam Seed) (12)

  • “The red string of faith, once broken, can not be rejoined again.” ~Kikyo (Inuyasha) (47)

  • "Unless you believe in yourself, you cannot win!" ~Ryu (Streetfighter II)

????: “Don’t you have any balls at all?”
“Only idiots fight when they know they can’t win. Balls have nothing to do with it.” (neon genisis evangelion)



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