Links To Fanfiction Archieves

Here you will find some links to fanfiction arcgieves. I have decided not link with banners, just with normal text. These archieves are pretty good, however, many of them may contain adult contents. Read the warnings carefully, as well on this page as on the page the link refers to! will not take blame for your ignorance so please be careful! And of course, if you have found a good site that is not below, please feel free to let me know! Thank you!

little princess


unlimited archieves:  Archieves that are not limited to 1 fandom


A site where you can post your own fiction, read other people's work and comment on them. One of the best sources for fanfiction on the net and a personal favorite for me!

A site much like, only (to my opinion) not as good. It does not get updated too frequently and has less visitors, less reviewers a day. A positive thing here is that you can post fanart as well as fanfiction. Worth checking!

DBZ fanfiction archieves


A site dedicated to an odd pairing, Marron x Yamcha (contains lemon). Though I personally don't like this pairing, the author is a very good writer and for those who do like odd pairings, here's your chance!

A site where you can find a series of fics that are set in the Mirai timeline. This is very well-written and thought out. Lots of fun to read.


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