Duo Maxwell-Yuy

“Hey Heero.”


“When two guys marry, how do you decide on who carries whose name?”


“Yeah, you know, say you and I got married. Would I be giving up my name and take yours, and be Duo Yuy? I gotta say that really doesn’t sound very well. But would you give up your name for me and become Heero Maxwell?” Duo frowned. “That doesn’t really sound good either, you know.”


“Or you know, maybe we should keep our own names and still take each other’s names, like I would be Duo Maxwell-Yuy and then you can be Heero Yuy-Maxwell. Or should that be Heero Maxwell-Yuy and Duo Yuy-Maxwell?”


“Don’t you think it’d get confusing? At least with Trowa and Quatre it was easy since there was Quatre’s business and his name carries a history and a reputation and Trowa was never really Trowa Barton anyway so it’s only logical for him to change it to Trowa Winner, but with us it’s different. I mean, they’re not even really our birth names. Heero Yuy is just a code name, Duo Maxwell is what I named myself so Heero Maxwell and Duo Yuy...”

“Duo Maxwell-Yuy!” That sure got Duo’s attention. “...Shut up.”

And they kissed.

And the braided one decided Duo Maxwell-Yuy would be just perfect.

~little princess


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