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Warning: Some of these stories may contain shounen ai and yaoi (male/male relationships). If you do not like that, don't read the stories. read the notes and check the ratings before you read. It is your own responsibility to read a story.

little princess


A New Life (complete)
Summary: Duo lives on the street. One day he gets caught and sent to an orphanage. Can he survive there while keeping his past a secret? Will he ever make friends or is he too afraid to loose them again?

Notes: [PG13] friendship fic.


A New Future (incomplete)
Summary: Sequel to 'A new life' Duo is now used to life in the orphanage but falls in love with Heero. What will he do about it? Will he even admit it? chap 6 up

Notes: [PG13] 1+2 3+4


Act On Your Emotions (complete)
Summary: [one-shot] After the war, Heero disappeared. But one night, Duo meets him again. Will they ever come together?

Notes: [PG13]  1+2


Broken Ties (complete)
Summary: At the end of Endless Waltz, we are left not knowing what will happen to the gw boys. In this version, they remain friends for a couple of years, but in the end, their friendship seems to die like most friendships you have at such a young age do.

Notes: [PG13] 
Friendship fic and I guess Angst. Talk about loved ones death in the last chapter yet not really a death fic I guess.


Did I do good? (complete)

Summary: [one-shot] 5 little conversations between each (future) pilot and one of their caretakers. the chibis wonder if they did good.

Notes: [PG] 


Duo Maxwell-Yuy? (complete)

Summary: Duo wonders what their names will be when he marries Heero.

Notes: [PG13] 1x2 implied


Humans Hate Green (incomplete)
Summary: It's years after the war and the boys are in their early twenties when Trowa moves in with Heero. Enjoy their story as they become friends and maybe, if they can leave the past behind, there's a small chance they can become more than that.

Notes: [R] 1x3
This story is still in progress and will be edited and bÍta read when it is finished. If you wish to bÍta-read it, let me know.


I Do Care (complete)
Summary: [one-shot] Duo thinks his roommate doesn't care about him, when the stoic Heero keeps ignoring him.

Notes: [PG]  friendship fic


Objects Of My Fantasy  (complete)
Summary: [one-shot] My vision on the show Gundam Wing, how I view the pilots.

Notes: [PG] Epic Poem


Sometimes It's Just Too Late (complete)
Summary: [one-shot] Heero and Duo broke up but Duo wants his lover back. Can Heero get over what happened or is it too late?

Notes: [R] Talk of SM, nothing explicite


We Did It!  (complete)
Summary: [drabble, 400 words] Duo has news for his friend Trowa, but he doesn't seem to understand.

Notes: [PG 13] implied 1x2



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