We Did It!

  Trowa was already regretting this little ‘trip’ to the mall with Duo.  It was a wonder how that boy survived without breathing properly.  They had been there for half an hour now and not once had Duo stopped talking!  Not even to pay for the CD he’d bought.  He’d just handed the money, saying a ‘thanks’ in mid-sentence and continued talking.  By the time they’d entered the grocery-store, he was seriously debating killing his second-best friend, after killing his first-best friend for telling his second-best friend that he was available for the afternoon.

 Trowa wasn’t quite following Duo’s rattling, when suddenly he noticed it’d gotten quiet next to him.  Stopping dead in his tracks, Trowa turned to the braided boy, the crackers he’d been examining still in his hand.

 Duo was grinning at him.  “You’re not listening, are you?” he said, happily as ever.

 Trowa quirked an eyebrow, not believing how he could be happy about him not listening. “How would you know?’

 “I just told you how I saw an alligator cross the street last night and how it got run over by an elephant.”

 Trowa looked at his friend, silently telling him he was insane, but Duo ignored it.  Strange.  The other boy still didn’t seem bothered by the fat that he hadn’t been listening.  “What are you all bouncing about anyway?” the taller one finally asked.

 “You know,” Duo answered, “that guy I’ve been dating lately, right?”

 “Heero? Yes. Why?”

 “Well, we did it.”

 Trowa blinked. “You did... What?”

 “You know... It!”

 Trowa gave Duo a look that clearly stated he had no idea what his friend was talking about and Duo sighed in frustration.  Sure, his friend could be oblivious, but at the moment he was being downright stupid.

 “Come on, do I need to spell it out for you? We. Had. Sex!”

 Trowa blinked before he let a smile make its way to his face.  The amusement was clear in his eyes.  For a moment Duo wondered if the guy had gone crazy, but then he noticed the silence that had fallen around him.  Where were the other shopper’s murmurs?  Duo glanced around to see many faces staring at him as if they were watching water burn.  He quickly retraced what had just happened and soon enough he felt how his face got all red.  He had said that a bit too loud, hadn’t he?

     ~little princess


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